Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Curtain Is About To Fall

The curtain that separates the known from the unknown is about to fall.  This will not be like the controlled lowering of a curtain at intermission in a stage production. The separating curtain that has blinded so many will literally come off its track and fall onto the world stage.

God is unveiling something new.  This unveiling will not be in a measured way.  It will not be a gradual reveal.  God is about to make Himself known in a very visible way. Words like “shock” and “awe” and “overwhelming” will be used to define what you are about to see.

To some, this will look like the random crashing of human events.  When these things begin to fall down before you, look up because these events will be heaven’s signal that God is doing something new and supernatural.  What is about to appear upon the stage of the earth will be a profound performance of God’s faithfulness.

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  1. Yay!!!!! The Lion of Judah is making himself known!!!!!