Friday, August 1, 2014

The Legacy You Leave Behind

As you grow older you will begin to think about the legacy you will leave behind.  Many people who pursue a legacy of accomplishments and notoriety end up tired, bitter and alone.  There is another legacy that has a far greater impact on those who will follow in your footsteps.  God wants you to discover the value of this other legacy.

The only legacy that has a lasting impact is the one that tells other people somewhere in your life-journey you came to realize God had been faithful to you in every season of your life.  From that point of realization onward you began to live and speak from that single discovery.  God’s faithfulness became the testimony of your life while you were living and the legacy of your life when you are gone. A legacy of any thing less will not have the substance to endure. 

In your legacy of God’s faithfulness are embedded the memories of His goodness in every season and situation of life. Living a life crafted around this understanding is what changed you over time and it will be what changes the lives of those who follow the example of your legacy long after your time on earth is complete.

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