Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Pause Before You Respond

Just before you respond to a question there is always a pause.  This is where you collect your thoughts to develop your answer.  You can tell if the Spirit of God or the spirit of fear is in control based on what takes place in the pause.

One kind of pause is a pause where you craft your response out of fear of what others in the group will think of your answer.  Decisions that come from this kind of pause lack courage and value group acceptance over truth. The other kind of pause waits to hear what the Spirit is saying then wisely crafts a response by speaking the truth in love no matter what the cost. This response does not create answers based on what the group wants to hear but only on what the Spirit wants to say.

The next time you are asked for your opinion examine what takes place in the pause.  If you find you are responding out of fear ask God to heal you before you respond. God wants to transform you into someone He can trust to give a courageous answer to the most challenging questions of life. He wants to do this because He has some important things to say through you.

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