Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Turning Your Sunset Into A Sunrise

The sunset you are experiencing is about to become a sunrise.  What you thought was ending will become a beginning.  God is the one in charge of the finality of all things.  He alone has the final say – not you, your doubters or your circumstances.

God is asking you to not give up.  All the natural indicators are telling you this should be a time of resignation to an inevitable conclusion. You are not called to live in subjection to what appears to be the natural outcome of any circumstance or relationship. You are called to see and live with faith and hope.

The situation before you seems to be emitting the last rays of its existence.  You are beginning to wonder why the promise you have been contending for seems to be disappearing over the horizon line.  You have been called to keep looking.  This is your act of faith.  Just when you think the last ray of hope is gone God will reverse this entire situation and resurrect it into something new.  God is about to change your sunset into a sunrise and you will see a new day birthed with a promise of hope you never thought possible. 

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