Friday, August 8, 2014

When Love Requires That You Move On

Don’t allow another person’s bewilderment to become your reality.  Just because someone cannot understand your choices doesn’t mean you can allow their misunderstanding to hinder you from moving forward.

There are times when love requires that you leave some people behind.  This can seem cruel and uncaring, but it is an expression of love.  Some people wanted Jesus to stay and not go to the cross, but He chose to keep moving forward because of love.

You must first make sure in your heart that God has asked you to move on.  His word will become your only comfort when the questions and the doubt come to visit.  When God speaks this kind of instruction He will be faithful to empower and direct your steps as you move forward in obedience.  At some point the protests of those who disagree with your choice will become only distant and indiscernible sounds of a past to which you are no longer connected.

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