Monday, October 13, 2014

#21 Arguing In Absence

(“Thoughts I Want To Leave Behind” is a collection of thoughts and impressions I want to leave behind as I begin to make my final pastoral transition.)

#21 Arguing In Absence

One of the most devastating things you can do is to allow an argument to take place in your mind when the other person is not present.  These one-sided arguments are where you provide both sides of a mental disagreement. These unregulated disputes will eventually separate you from the very people God wants to use to help you discover your destiny. This is why darkness extends these invitations to us – unless confronted they will eventually cause suspicion and separation within the Church.

The scriptures tell us to take our thoughts captive and make them obedient to Jesus Christ. We need to arrest and handcuff these thoughts before they are allowed to sow their devastating results.

To make your thoughts obedient to Jesus is accomplished by training and disciplining your thinking to reflect the heart of God.  God loves those with whom you are having these mental arguments and He wants you to start seeing and speaking about them – in your mind - as He sees and speaks about them in His. Once your mind is convinced of God’s heart for another person your speech and lifestyle will soon follow confirming your new way of thinking.

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