Thursday, October 16, 2014

#22 Just Show Up

(“Thoughts I Want To Leave Behind” is a collection of thoughts and impressions I want to leave behind as I begin to make my final pastoral transition.)

#22 Just Show Up

Some of the greatest things in life happen when you simply choose to show up.  Choose to show up when you don’t want to. Choose to show up on time. Choose to show up in places of righteous expectation.  Choose to show up emotionally as a parent and spouse. Simply choose to show up with all your warts and blemishes and be a beautiful expression of God’s heart in human form.

Showing up is about the power of presence.  You carry the very presence of God.  Just you being present with God will displace so many things that would run rampant had you been absent.

One of the greatest challenges you will face is to realize how significant you are because of the One you carry.  You never arrive in a situation alone – even when no one else shows up. You will always arrive with God.  The two of you can challenge any lie and defeat its power by simply being there.

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