Monday, October 13, 2014

A Coming Tsunami Of Answered Prayer

Today, I saw the image of a tsunami approaching the West Coast of the United States. This is not a natural tsunami, but a tsunami of answered prayers.  When this tsunami strikes our coastline it will break upon our communities with supernatural power.

At some point a prayer was prayed and the faith generated by that prayer has displaced unbelief in the waters of the spiritual realm.  Like a natural tsunami, this displacement has created the shift needed to birth a spiritual tsunami that has been running silently in the deep waters of the spirit toward our nation. 

Natural tsunamis can travel at airliner speeds across the full span of an ocean. They remain virtually undetected as they travel through the depths of an ocean to finally meet the rising undersea geography of a continent releasing their power upon impact with the shallow coastline.

In the next few weeks, I feel this tsunami of answered prayer will arrive on our shores mounting up in a powerful release of God’s presence upon our nation.  In a natural tsunami scenario you would run from its presence in order to survive.  When this tsunami arrives you will want to run towards it and dive headlong into its wave to receive the life it will bring. 

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