Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous

You have visited all our lives from time to time.  You come shrouded in the perceived safety of anonymity to deliver your comments of dissatisfaction and dishonor.  Your words find a way into the comment section of blogs, websites or get delivered by mail without a return address.

To those of us who receive your painful words we know you struggle with things other than the thoughts we express.  You struggle with your own fear.  This is the kind of fear that has prevented you from sharing your own feelings in an honest face-to-face conversation with another person.  Somewhere someone may have rejected your opinion.  If this happened to you, I am sorry. Imagine what could happen if you did not live in the prison of our own doubt and fear – we might even enjoy each other’s company.

I remember the first time you wrote to me. I went away wounded from your one-sided assault.  This wounding no longer takes place in me because over the years, I have learned to pray for you and bless you.  I did this, not because my life or opinion is more valuable than yours.  I did this because this is the only way I have found to not live my life inside your prison. Dear Anonymous, recently your wrote to me again, and as before, I chose bless you.

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