Friday, October 31, 2014

Exploring Life Beneath The Bottom Line

Our life is a journey of faith.  In this journey each of us will attempt to discover the bottom line of the truth we profess.  At some point we will discover that our bottom line is not as deep as it should be.  In other words, when we think we understand something fully God will invite us to experience something even deeper. This willingness to explore the depths of truth will determine how we should pack our spiritual and intellectual bags for the journey before us.

Faith will ask us to give up our right to the illusion of ever possessing a complete understanding of God and how He works on this side of the grave. At some point, we have to be willing to let go of our opinions – not truth, but our opinion of it - if we are going to understand the greater dimensions of truth itself. Truth is always deeper than our current understanding of its reality.

The most unhappy and angry people are those who have to perpetually defend their bottom line opinion. These opinions can be as diverse as how we choose to raise our kids, what kind of worship format is the most biblical or what political candidate we should elect.  Only God sees the full depth of all things, including truth. 

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