Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Honor Is A Weapon

Honor is a weapon that can destroy the plans and strategies of hell.  When you give honor to people – to the guilty and the innocent alike – something supernatural is released.

To a mind limited by natural thinking, honor must first be earned.  Those who require that you must earn their honor will only grant it after you have aligned with their demands.  When God grants honor, He gives it before it can be earned. 

The moment you were born again you were placed in Christ where He now sits in a place of honor at the right hand of the Father.  You are also sitting with Him in that place of honor while you struggle with certain aspects of your life here on earth. Your struggle does not cancel the honor. The Father honored the Son by putting all things under His feet and ultimately, under your feet. From this place of honor all things that stand in opposition to the love of God in your life will eventually bow before you in defeat as you thrust the weapon of honor into the heart of dishonor whenever it rears its head.

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  1. Magnificent revelation Pastor Garris ! Thank you.

    In Jesus Care,
    Sadie Blackwood