Tuesday, November 25, 2014

East Texas Fiddles

My grandfather, like his father before him, made violins. They called these violins fiddles. From the forest that surrounded the family home near Quitman, Texas they would cut and cure hardwoods that would someday become beautiful fiddles.  As they walked through a forest and looked at a tree they saw fiddles. Most of us would only see trees. The product of their wood crafting and musical skills would be the creation of beautiful music that would fill the grange halls of surrounding communities for generations.

Some of you are standing like trees filled with unseen potential in a forest of personal challenges.  You cannot imagine how God could take you from where you now stand and transform your life and circumstance to such a degree that your life would be used to play beautiful music, but this is what is about to take place.

God is asking you to be willing to allow your life to be cut, removed and transformed into a supernatural instrument to be played in His hands.  There is music within the unformed parts of your being that God is about to call out and play for the first time. 

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