Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Lord Said, "Run!"

This morning, as I lay in bed in the darkness, my first conscious thought was an image. I knew what I was beginning to see was important and needed to be remembered in detail.  I waited and let the image fully develop before I rose in order to write down what I was seeing.

As the image formed in my mind, I heard the Lord instruct the people within the image. He said, “Run!” At His command, I saw people begin to run in many different directions.  This wasn’t an image of panic.  These people were responding to a very distinct and individualized instruction in an attempt to get to a location that was specific for them.

In the image, I saw numbers painted on the floor representing various years.  The people were running to these positions.  Each year had a special meaning.  I knew these years represented abandoned assignments.  I saw the years 1968, 2003, 1996, 2008, 1973, 2013 and 1987.  There were many other years painted on the floor, but I could not see them all. I finally got out of bed and  went into the living room where I sat down at my computer and tried to recapture what I saw. 

As I wrote down my thoughts, the Lord began to speak about what the image represented.  He said, “These painted numbers represent the years when significant assignments were given to My people. Through the circumstance of success and failure some had moved away from their calling. What I am about to do will require these called ones to return to My original assignment for their lives. Once they step upon these abandoned assignments it will be like they never missed it the first time I spoke the promise.  When their feet step upon the year of their assignment, I will fill them with the original promise and anointing I had destined.  I have things I am about to do in the earth and I need My people standing fully in the gifts and calling I have assigned for them.”

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