Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Sigh Of Worship

Yesterday, I found myself sighing.  I let out one of those tired, depressed and faithless sighs that was long and overly dramatic.  Jan heard my sigh and wisely said, “Why don’t you follow up that sigh with an act of worship?”  I had been lovingly had.  Jan’s words came with a smile that has been developed in 41 years of married life when she needs to address her less than perfect man.

When Jan spoke those words of tender wisdom a light went on in my heart.  Why not? Why not follow a faithless expression with an act of worship?  Like other spiritual exercises an act of faith will displace the territory held by an act of faithlessness and reassign its expression to the purposes of God.

Most of our journey of faith is about renewing the way we think to such a degree that we begin to think differently about all aspects of life, even how we express a negative emotion.  Today, when you find yourself expressing a lack of faith redirect that negative expression and cause it to become an act of worship.  Pretty soon the sighs will be replaced with praise and the situation that caused the sigh in the first place will have lost its power to direct your response to life.

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