Friday, December 12, 2014

Rewriting Your History

A situation in your life has created a painful scenario. What took place has been hurtful and wounding.  Words were exchanged in the heat of the moment and you came away feeling violated.

In order to navigate this season toward a healthy conclusion you need to see this event from a higher perspective. You have begun to prepare your defense to alter how you will be remembered by those involved. That kind of defense never works because in the end you will only appear defensive.

The history of your life is more than this single painful event. Like a book that is still being written the things that have taken place are only a few pages in a single chapter. Your life, like a good novel, is a developing story. You have the ability to write a different ending that will reflect a different history. Finish writing this chapter of your life with words of forgiveness, hope and reconciliation and this chapter will end with a narrative filled with beauty and hope. 

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