Friday, December 5, 2014

This Wall Of Judgment

A wall of judgment sprang up in front of you without warning. A comment someone made has caused this wall to appear and its presence is impeding your forward motion. You have slammed hard against its cold and rejecting presence. The judgment this comment produced has now become a spiritual stop sign impeding your forward progress. You have to deal with it or you will not be able to move forward. It is strange how one comment can so completely derail how you feel and bring your life to a sudden stop.

The comment you are reacting to is not the real problem neither is your reaction.  The hidden root issue that triggered your reaction is the real issue.  Follow the fruit of your response down through the branches and limbs of your feelings through the trunk of your being down to the lowest place in your emotional root structure.  It will be in this deepest place hidden beneath life’s gritty relational soil that you will discover the lie that awaits the clipping shears of truth.

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