Saturday, December 6, 2014

When The Bottom Falls Out

There are circumstances taking place in your life that make you feel like the bottom has fallen out from beneath your feet.  Your place of stability has disappeared.  What was once a secure platform has given way like a trap door and you now find yourself in a free fall.

At first you felt panic.  An unplanned and unexpected falling is a fearful thing to experience.  Because God promised to never leave you or forsake you there is always a promise of a sure and solid place for your feet to land once this free fall season comes to an end.  In God you will always land on your feet if you trust Him.

You need to make a choice. As you fall make the choice to worship God for His love and for His goodness.  This is the only way you will be able to keep your wits about you until God brings a resolution. This is the kind of worship that is not based on your circumstance, but is based solely on the heart of God. Your act of worship will guide your feet to finally land upon a solid place that awaits you in your future.  God will use this experience to take you deeper into your understanding of His love. That will be your ultimate destination in this falling season.

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