Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You Are Living An Extraordinary Life

Yesterday, I sat in my truck in the parking lot of my dentist’s office.  My appointment was still about ten minutes away so I decided to check my email on my smartphone. As I scrolled down through the emails, I noticed that I had received an email to fill a larger than normal order for one of my books.  These books will be sent to all the personnel who are part of a global missionary movement.

As I typed out the order, I stopped to realize what I was doing. Here I was, typing out an order for books on a handheld device that was only a fantasy a few decades ago.  My email would be sent over the wireless Internet to a commercial printer who would produce my order via a computerized printing machine and then make sure it arrived on time at a distant out-of-state destination.  The order transaction took me a total of two minutes to complete. The printer would have the books printed and shipped within a few short days. I was amazed at the technology I was using so casually.

I recall visiting the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany where a copy of Gutenberg’s Bible was displayed.  This was the first major book printed with movable type on a printing press bearing Gutenberg’s name. Gutenberg began working on his copy of the Bible in 1450 and historians believe he finished the first copy in either 1454 or 1455. It took Gutenberg almost 5 years to prepare and publish the first copy of his Bible. 

Sitting there in my truck with my iPhone in hand, I had one of those moments of pause. I began to realize I was living in an amazing time in human history.  I think Gutenberg felt the same way as he looked upon his printing machine and the first Bible he took almost five years to complete.  In each epoch of human history something special is present and happening for those who have the eyes to see.

God has placed you in an extraordinary moment in human history to live an extraordinary life.  He has things He wants to do in you that will amaze you when they happen. Resist the numbing presence of the status quo and your own personal doubts because they can blind you from seeing the unique nature of this moment in your history.  Something extraordinary and wonderful is planned to take place in every life and in every generation. Once you realize these extraordinary possibilities still exist, you will look at this moment in your personal history with different eyes.

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