Friday, January 30, 2015

Revealing Submerged Promises

In the past year the Lord has given me several images of waves and shorelines.  Today, I had another maritime image.  I saw someone writing a word of promise in the sand between sets of incoming waves. What was written was a deep and personal desire – the kind that is first shared with God before it is shared with other people.

As this person stood looking at the word they had written and then out onto the expansive ocean, they saw another wave coming.  From past experience every time they sought to have this particular promise fulfilled the circumstances of life would come and erase what they had written.  As I watched the unfolding imagery, I knew something different was about to take place.

This approaching wave will not have the ability to wash away the desires of your heart.  This time, when you declared this promise yet again, you aligned your life with divine timing and prophetic fulfillment. Before, when this promise seemed to disappear, God was working on the condition of your heart and the strength of your faith. He was making you ready to carry the coming fulfillment of the promise.

As these familiar and overwhelming circumstances approach your life their impending arrival will try to create a fear in your heart of yet another erasure of the promise.  God is asking you to stand and watch in faith – one more time. When this current wave recedes you will see that your words of hope were not erased, but have become permanently imprinted on the shoreline of your life. This promise will remain intact because God has declared this is the time and this is the place for the desires of your heart to be established.

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