Friday, January 16, 2015

Shutting The Door On Regret

Today, I was recalling a sorrowful experience in my life.  It was an unfortunate misunderstanding. Time and distance had caused me to lose contact with the other person involved.  For multiple decades I carried the sorrow of what happened between us.  Years ago, I finally prayed through that painful situation and placed its resolution in the hands of God. At that time, in my spirit, I actually heard a door of sorrow slam shut on that piece of painful personal history and since that day I have been free to pray with great compassion for the other person.

As I recalled that incident, I heard other doors of sorrow beginning to slam shut on the painful memories held by other people. These doors are being slammed shut by God because He desires you to move beyond the sorrow of your past and step into a future filled with peace and freedom.  Your past only has power to hold you captive if you empower it by allowing the presence of sorrow and regret to remain unchallenged by the grace of God.

Whatever you have handed over to God through confession and repentance no longer belongs to you - it now belongs to God. This includes the situations from your past that are currently fueling your unresolved sorrow.  God wants you to hear the doors slamming on the regretful and painful incidents of your past. He is inviting you to move forward with Him into something new. The doorway to your future is now open and it is not wide enough to allow you to cross its threshold carrying the sorrow from your past.

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