Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Approaching Window

Before each of us is a window – a frame through which we glimpse our approaching encounter with eternity. The longer we live the closer we move forward toward that window to eventually look through its opening and glimpse the other side to fully see what was only seen in part in this life.

When we were young we saw this window as something distant and delayed by the years yet to live.  As our time on earth continues to unwind past our youth we arrive at the middle span. It is here where we have our first thoughts about closure and legacy - a midpoint moment of reflection on how we have lived and the choices we will make to live differently. What the window framed at the safe and false distance of youth is now real, possible and approaching.

Now in my 65th year, my head is poised within the frame of the window. I find myself looking with a strange expectation of what lies on the other side.  God has designed this gradual and lifelong journey toward the window with a joyful purpose in mind.  Our journey is intended to be like that of a curious child who finally pokes his head through the window and looks out from within his winter bound house to see the first buds of a new spring. In that moment he realizes he will soon be able to run smiling and laughing in green fields of joy.

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