Saturday, January 17, 2015

The God Line

I remember talking with someone who had been educated in Cultural Anthropology.  He described something called, “The God Line”.  As a missionary in Africa this man used that culture to define for me what he meant.  He said in African culture everything is spiritual.  Because all of life in Africa is viewed as spiritual the God Line (where God is allowed to exist and influence life) is positioned above the heads of culture.  In Africa even the intellect of people is subject to and positioned under the God Line. In these cultures, God is in everything and not limited by anything. In Western culture, our God Line is positioned below our head.  If we have no logical and intellectual definition for what is taking place we discredit its existence by relegating what is taking place to a position beneath our ability to understand its existence.  In other words, if we cannot understand it or define it, it must not be God.

I have people ask me why they do not see more signs, wonders and miracles taking place in the Western church.  In these conversations, I typically perform a subtle interview to determine where they have placed their God Line. Moving the God Line up and over the top of our education and intellect is a challenge for some who place great value on these things.  In the West, we value only what we can understand.  We do this while quoting verses that tell us the peace of God itself exists beyond our ability to understand its presence. Maybe one of the reasons why so many people in the West are not at peace is because they are waiting for the existence of a peace that can be understood – above the God Line.  Much of what God desires to bring into our lives cannot arrive through the mind.  This is why the mind must be renewed and realigned to think differently.

Some people have held themselves back from different forms of revival and visible manifestations of the Spirit because their God Line was allowed to linger below their minds.  At some point, if this descent of the God Line is not checked it will eventually move below our hearts and this is where the Church can become lifeless and uncaring.  This is where the Church can be reduced to a form of good works and forfeit its belief in a God who is able to bring supernatural intervention to problems the mind has dismissed as impossible to solve.

God is about to release His Spirit upon the earth in profound ways.  Those who allow their God Line to rise and encompass all aspects of life will be free to move at the speed of faith when the Spirit begins to manifest in unusual ways.  These new and usual ways of God will have no logical explanation and will not be held captive to the capacities of human intellect.

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