Sunday, March 22, 2015

Anointed Shoes

My wife, Jan, shared a story with me of parents who had a son that struggled with life.  These parents tried everything within their power to help their son.  Nothing was working.  They wanted their son to experience peace wherever he walked.  One day the parents felt impressed by the Lord to go into their son’s room and anoint his shoes with oil. Soon after anointing his shoes a friend of the son, who was equally challenged, put on the sons shoes.  That night, while wearing the anointed shoes, the friend came to know Jesus. Within days the troubled son was also touched by the love of God.

Some might say this was all a coincidence. I don’t think so. I believe in a God who takes our prophetic acts of faith seriously and uses them to release miracles. It is too easy to allow the cynical religious spirit of this age to make us critical of these unusual acts of faith.  Most of these critical voices are found within the Church where some people think they have God and His methods all figured out.

Those in desperate situations and without manmade options of rescue will seek any means possible to find freedom for those they love. When supernatural events take place that are connected to unusual acts of faith be the first one to celebrate these creative expressions of God’s nature.  Also celebrate those, who by their acts of faith, chose to do something that violated your sense of Christian normalcy and predictability.

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