Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jumping Ship

Recently, I was talking with a father about his son.  This father was obviously proud of the man his son had become.  The young man had received a full ride scholarship at a great university.  At some point before the school year began, the son told his father he did not want to take the scholarship, but instead, decided to go touring with his band.  His decision left many people stunned.

That decision was years ago and yet the father told me, “I am so proud of my son.  He was riding the large cruise ship of other people’s expectations and then he saw an island he wanted to visit so he jumped ship and swam to the island.”  When I heard that illustration it brought me a great sense of joy.  This young man was able to jump ship, stepping off the deck of other people’s expectations to pursue the desire of his heart.

There are callings and unexplored destinies that will not be discovered while living within the confines of other people’s expectations.  At some point you will have to follow what God has put in your heart no matter who becomes bothered by your decision.  There will be some who will label you as irresponsible, but don’t let that hold you back.  I am sure Peter’s family thought he had lost his mind when he left his fishing business to follow Jesus or when Matthew abandoned his lucrative tax firm to do the same.  There are times in life when jumping the ship of other people’s expectations is the only way forward.

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