Saturday, April 11, 2015

God's Girl

He runs to meet her.
Her arms hold His advance at a distance,
safely away.
She is not yet ready to embrace again,
not trusting still.
Sorrow of promises broken push hard against
His advance of love.
Back again He comes
wanting to hold her,
to feel the warmth of this distant daughter,
this God-girl.
Her refusing arms still extending,
limbs of disbelief.
His tender strength takes her unwilling arms
inviting her to love again,
to live a future not believed possible
before this last embrace came
changing everything.

1 comment:

  1. It is true that so many daughter's of God are so damaged in the heart and soul that they don't recognize hope anymore for who God has called them to be. Thankfully, prayers of healing for the nations even include intimate healing for the daughters of God in their heart and soul that they may hope and believe and dance once again. Pray for the daughters of God as the Lord leads.