Saturday, April 4, 2015

Resurrection's Resolution

What makes our belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ so powerful is the resolution it provides for the largest questions we have about life and death.  All we believe is crafted around Jesus rising from the dead into new life. No other belief system offers this kind of resolution.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ removed the sting of death and the cold grasp of the grave. He rose from the dead because He was in route to a throne to take His seat in a place of ultimate authority. That throne belongs to no one but Christ alone. Without the resurrection He would not have been able to make the upward journey to sit in a place of honor and He would not have been able to invite us to come and sit with Him. Resurrection made all of this possible.

Resurrection allows us to stand before situations in life that are heading for a death-defined end and proclaim the alternative resolution of resurrection life.  All gifts of healing and restoration are fueled by Jesus’ resurrection.  Your authority to challenge the embedded lies of hell within culture is empowered by the resurrection.  Without the resurrection Jesus would be just another prophet, among many, trying to offer you a form of faith without a supernatural resolution.

As you celebrate Christ’s resurrection take an honest inventory of your life.  Position the reality of Jesus’ resurrection in front of every hopeless situation you currently face and demand the lie of hopelessness to bow its knee to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Jesus has given you the authority to declare a resurrection resolution. This is the resolution He is offering you this Easter and one that will be available every other day of the year until He returns.

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