Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Transforming Power Of Intimacy

I remember being a young pastor and trying to counsel couples who were going through a difficult time in their marriage. I tried to give them tasks to do to help them deepen their commitment to each other.  After a few years, I realized this wasn’t working.  About 30 years ago the Lord offered me some fresh insight.  He said, “Don’t give them any more lists.  Give them this one instruction.  In their place of separation tell them to begin walking toward Me. Their first task is not to save their marriage – it is to reestablish their individual intimacy with Me.  As they continue to walk toward Me in a deepening individual intimacy they will eventually close the distance between each other and stand shoulder-to-shoulder before Me. This is how I restore marriages.”

Intimacy with God is like target practice.  The closer you are to the target the less chance you have to score a miss. Intimacy with God has a greater potential for breakthrough than standing at a distance from each other demanding that all our questions be answered or having things work out the way we had hoped.

Every struggle you now face can find its resolution in God’s presence. God is restoring more than marriages.  He is restoring individuals, businesses, churches, denominations and nations.  Each of these restoration processes will have in its core a reestablished intimacy with God. No matter how well crafted your plan of restoration may be, it will ultimately fail if the participants are not living together in a relationship where intimacy with God is the greatest value.

Today, stop trying to fix yourself and other people and simply invite them to walk with you deeper into a reestablished intimacy with God.  In this journey you will begin to shed the dividing issues that created the separation in the first place. This is where you will find the peace you are seeking.

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