Monday, May 4, 2015

A Published Life

When I wrote my first book, Prayers From The Throne of God, Dr. Jack Hayford honored me by writing the foreword. During a phone conversation with Pastor Jack, I mentioned I was worried about the book having grammatical mistakes. Jack said, "All books have mistakes. Just publish it!" All of a sudden the weight I carried as a new author fell from my shoulders as I received the words of a wise man.

This applies so much to how we choose to live our lives. Some of the best advice I could ever give a person would be - Just live it! You will make mistakes, but don't let the fear of a mistake hold you back from what God has asked you to do. A lot of life goes unpublished because we live with the illusion that what we do for God will be without mistakes. This is not true. After my first book was published there were several mistakes found after the proof readers had signed it off as ready for publication. The same thing just happened with book number five. Such is the essence of living. Just live it and give the mistakes to God.

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  1. I needed to hear this. I am constantly worried about making more mistakes. I have made so many that I live in constant fear of failing again. It seems to take me forever to recover and to stop the negative self talk.