Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Shaking The High Places

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    Nepal has been hit by two devastating earthquakes. On April 25 a 7.8 earthquake struck and was soon followed by a 7.3 magnitude quake on May 12. These earthquakes have left thousands dead and injured. Heroic rescue efforts are underway as I write these words. My daughter, Anna, just returned from Nepal so this tragedy is hitting close to home. The world is rushing to Nepal and the surrounding nations to bring aid and mercy.

    National Geographic said these two earthquakes were so strong they likely caused permanent changes in the surface structure of the earth. Early reports indicate these earthquakes may also have changed the altitude of Mount Everest - the highest place on earth. Preliminary data provided by European scientists from the analysis of satellite data indicate Everest has experienced a slight decrease in altitude. The city of Katmandu shifted as much as nine feet from its previous position. Because of these two events maps and topographical renderings will need to be redrawn.

    Natural disasters can reveal some disturbing views of God and human tragedy. My personal understanding of God and His heart is that He is not the author of tragedy. He loves people. His love motivated Him to put Jesus on the Cross as our substitute. On the Cross God judged our sin once and for all. This was a full and complete judgment in order to provide for us a full and complete salvation. The final judgment of God will be take place in eternity before His throne. Between the Cross and eternity God is not in the business of judging anyone and neither should those who bear His name. In the meantime, a fragile and groaning earth will provide enough upheaval of it’s own until it is one day returned to it’s original design. When a natural disaster like the one in Nepal takes place it is too easy for some to label the tragedy as “an act of God” giving God a cruel and undeserved label.

    I wrote the previous paragraphs to lay the groundwork to share the following: As I read the incident reports detailing the Nepal earthquakes and the information regarding altitude changes to Mount Everest, I heard the Lord say, “As the natural world is shaking, I am about to shake the high places of government and culture. What seemed high and immovable will now yield to My will. I will bring down what seems out of reach and I will raise up what has been forgotten. Watch the high places of position and power. This shaking will be a sign of a coming move of My Spirit upon the earth. I am about to shake the high places. Watch the high places.”

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