Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why This Sunday Is So Important

This is Pentecost Sunday - a day the Church celebrates the events of Acts 2 and the ministry of the Spirit. Today we are reminded that the Church began it's journey with a display of the Spirit's power.  We are also reminded that if we are to do all that God has destined the only way we can accomplish that task will be to continue in that same model of a Spirit-empowered life and ministry.  We will not discover a more successful model or method to transform lives, plant churches or impact cities.

So much of what is done in the Western Church today is good, but can be accomplished by a local civic club. We should continue to do the good things, but there is more.  In scripture the most significant events took place when God showed up and did something miraculous beyond the natural ability of human beings. I am no longer surprised when people decide to spend their limited time off outside the activities that take place within the walls of many local churches. We owe our world an encounter with a miraculous God and we also owe those who have professed His name that same encounter.

My hope and prayer for this Pentecost Sunday is that as we gather today we would make room for God to show up in such a profound and powerful way that we will no longer need to set aside a single day of the year to remind us of His supernatural ways that only took place somewhere in the pages of our history.

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