Friday, June 19, 2015

The Coming Turn

Where I live in southern Oregon we have something called the Bear Creek Greenway. The Greenway is a nature corridor that follows Bear Creek as it winds its way through the beautiful Rogue Valley.  Part of the Greenway is a paved bike path that travels 20 miles along the creek edge.  This week, as I pedaled my bicycle along a familiar section of the Greenway, I noticed a sign along the path.  It warned me to slow down and proceed with caution because I was entering a blind corner.  As I passed the sign, I felt impressed to stop, turn around and go back.  I found myself standing in front of the sign and listening. I knew this was a God-moment. As the other cyclists whizzed by the Lord began to speak.

You are approaching a sharp and unexpected turn. This turn will be what is called a “blind turn” because what lies ahead cannot be seen. I want you to know I see the full arc of this turn and all that will be involved as you change course and head in a new direction.  I see the beginning and the end and because of this, I want you to move forward with confidence.

In your approach to the turn, you will slow down to adjust your position and speed in an attempt to safely navigate the pathway. These are not the adjustments I want you to make. I am changing your status quo.

Human reasoning will not help you navigate through the inertia of the coming turn. This turn can only be navigated in response to the immediate, in-the-moment instructions I will provide by My Spirit. Don’t simply rely on past experience or how successfully you were able to predict and navigate through the previous turns of your life.  I want to take you to a new level of trust required to deliver you to a new destination. This new level of trust will require that you ignore the warning signs of fear erected by others on the pathway of your faith.

As you approach this turn - speed up by increasing your trust in Me.   Press forward beyond the limits of your past failures and the fears of an unexplored future. I invite you to make this turn with shouts of joy and the exhilaration that comes from a ride saturated with trust. The wheels of your faith will hold because My hand will be your point of traction. I will reveal the way forward as the turn deepens. I will accelerate you through this moment and deliver you safely to the good place I have planned for you.

When the Lord finished speaking, I got back on my bike and continued to ride ahead making the turn the sign had warned me about.  I knew this word was for me and for others who will read these words.   Our God is a Deliver.  He not only delivers us out of situations, but He also faithfully delivers us through the turns and twists that exist along the path of faith. As I finally pedaled out of the turn and onto the straightaway of the bike path, I knew God was extending an invitation to me and others to experience a supernatural change of direction that will require the power of His love to complete.  This is where I want to place my trust and I invite you to do the same.

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