Monday, July 27, 2015

An Angel Paid Us A Visit


A few days ago a guest in our home saw an angel. Before I tell you what he saw, I want to lay some groundwork.  After we heard the details about the angel, my wife, Jan, said, “Isn’t it strange how in some parts of the Church you can talk about demons, but when someone mentions an angel they think you are weird?” I am beginning to think we may need to get a bit weird if being weird includes believing and seeing angels since the very scriptures we use in an attempt to keep us “normal” and free from angel worship openly and unapologetically mentions angels and their interaction with humans. Who wants to worship an angel when you have Jesus?

Here is what happened.  Our guests are long-time friends who live in another state.  The husband has been an organizational coach for years.  He has helped some of the largest Christian organizations navigate through seasons of change and transition as well as the individuals within those organizations.  My friend was mentored by some very notable people. The books written by these mentors can be found in the business section of your local Barnes and Noble. In other words if a man were to be labeled as credible and balanced it would be my friend. On top of all of that he really loves Jesus. It’s too bad I had to write the preceding sentences as qualifiers before I mention what happened with the angel because having to write them is indicative of the mindset of some people within the Church where the definition of credibility does not contain the description of anything supernatural – especially the mention of an angelic visitation.

Just before the appearance of the angel we were having a long and enjoyable after dinner conversation. My friend stopped mid-sentence and said, “I see an angel. He is huge.  He is as large as a battleship.”  For the next few moments my friend was staring up and beyond the top of a large tree in our backyard. The rest of us at the table paused our conversation.

My friend went on to say he always thought of angels as just a bit larger than humans, but this one was vastly different.  His dimensions were hundreds of feet tall and wide with a massive set of wings.  As he watched the angel it gently began to move its wings, stirring the air.  The sense was the presence of this huge angel was like the angelic visitations recorded in scripture – his presence was an announcement of something coming.

Our culture is waiting for an encounter with God. We are at a place in our history where we need a wholesale visitation by God, His angels and the supernatural works of His Spirit.  Just as an angel interrupted our evening and built the faith of each person present, God will be sending His angels to other places announcing a stirring of things to come.  How could something like that ever be considered weird, out-of-balance or something to be spoken about in hushed conversations?

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