Friday, July 24, 2015

Prophetic Principles – When A Word Makes Hell Nervous

All kingdoms are defined by the territory they possess, control and influence. The kingdom of darkness creates this definition by setting up ruling authority in the territory of human lives, political systems, financial institutions, families or anywhere the Lordship of Jesus Christ has not been established. A prophetic word will breach the border of these dark domains and challenged their authority and right to exist. When this happens there will be a reaction.

When you speak a prophetic word into a place of bondage you will threaten the grip of hell.  In these moments of revelation a prophetic word becomes a spiritual pry bar that begins to release the grip of deception holding people captive. This freedom from bondage can happen with a simple word of hope if hopelessness has been the controlling factor in a person’s life.  A word of promise can have the same effect if someone feels the mistakes of the past are too large and have erased any possibility for a second chance.

When the kingdom of darkness gets nervous it will use any and all means to silence your voice.  Ignore whatever comes your way in the form of dismissal, accusation or threat.  These are simply the desperate tactics of a kingdom in jeopardy. 

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  1. Oftentimes that prophetic word is contained in a prophetic prayer, a prayer of intercession.