Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Prophetic Principles - Don’t Take It Personally

At some point you will share a word with someone and they will not like what they hear. They may disagree with your delivery or even the content of your theology. The wider the audience for your ministry becomes the more this will happen – sometimes with regularity. This can take place with such ease in our immediate and unthinking world of social media where people take the liberty to judge your life and the content of your theology based on a single paragraph of insight you share. Take comfort, it also took place in the Early Church when some people complained that Paul’s letters were too forceful. 

Be careful to not allow a negative response to offend you. If you are a feeling human being you will have a reaction to these challenges at first, but give your reactions to God – immediately. A wasted moment in offense or in a public defense of what you shared will begin a work in your heart that can actually hijack your voice for the purpose of another kingdom. Forgive your critics and move on. God never promised everyone would agree with everything you say or write.

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