Thursday, August 6, 2015

Prophetic Principles – You Will Never Prophesy A Complete Revelation

“Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture!” I Corinthians 13:9

When Paul penned these words he was sharing a principle for life and especially for prophetic ministry.  Nothing we do or say is ever a complete or final word on any subject. Whenever you bring a prophetic word it only reveals part of a much larger picture.  To think we bring complete revelation is both naïve and arrogant. On the other hand, requiring this completeness whenever someone prophesies reveals a lack of understanding of how the gift actually functions.

Most of the people who hear a prophetic word will respond with kindness and understanding. A very small percentage will get angry and actually condemn the word because they feel it did not bring a complete revelation or filter easily through their theological grid. 

When someone confronts you and challenges the content of your word they may simply need a gentle and private response from you.  Your mature and gracious interaction with them has the potential to ease their displeasure and provide for them an opportunity to consider a more compassionate and measured response in the future. For those who continue in their angry correction bless them and move on. Your response, no matter how gracious, will actually fuel their negative attitude giving them a wider audience where they can vent their anger.

Whenever you open your mouth and speak in God’s name you will always run the risk of experiencing someone’s displeasure.  Use that experience to develop the depth of your character and the maturity of your gifting.

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