Friday, September 25, 2015

Eroding Trust – The Goal of Betrayal

The most painful form of rejection is betrayal.  Betrayal is a powerful spiritual acid that pours its corrosive presence into your heart eventually eroding your ability to trust. 

Be careful when under this kind of attack. Betrayal has a goal. It wants to erode your ability to trust people by destroying one relationship after another until you finally give up the fight and find yourself standing alone in a place of darkness. This is when you are the most vulnerable to the ultimate goal of the spirit of betrayal.

If you cannot forgive those who have betrayed you the next step in this deteriorating process is to erode your ability to trust God. That has always been the goal of darkness from the very start when the first painful realization of betrayal brought its deceiving presence into your life.

The only way of out this dark and painful place is to forgive your betrayer. Forgive them with the same measure you have been forgiven.  When you take this step of forgiving faith you will see a pathway emerge leading you out of a dark and painful place into a place of light and truth. 

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