Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Dream About Our Current Battle

A few nights ago, I had one of the most vivid dreams I have ever experienced. I was atop Mount Ashland dug into foxholes with other believers. We were involved in intense combat.  Mount Ashland is a high mountain where I live that overlooks southern Oregon and Northern California. Because of the location of the battle, I knew the outcome of the battle would have regional significance.

The battle scene in the dream was like video footage of actual combat.  Bullets were flying over our heads.  Each of us fired our weapons at wave after wave of the advancing enemy.  I heard fellow soldiers yelling “Ammo!” and I would see a fresh magazine thrown from one foxhole to another to keep each solider in the fight.  Combatants were screaming orders and warnings. “Incoming” was shouted to announce incoming rounds of dark spiritual artillery.

As the battle finally came to an end a deep and profound silence settled over the battlefield as the cloud of smoke from spent gunpowder still hung in the air above our heads.  We rose from our entrenchments into a post-battle hush to see the enemy lying dead at our feet extending as far as the eye could see.  Our faces were dirty and tear-stained as we began to look at each other with gratefulness that we would live to see another day.

We began to march down from the mountain summit to the ski lodge.  A line of people stood waiting for our return. This line filled the lodge and traced out into the parking lot down the mountain for miles into the valley below. Those waiting in line were people from our community who knew we had just put our lives at risk in a high place battle for the well being of their families and community. One after one, our necks were hugged with great emotion.  Each person in line shed thankful tears of joy at the victory.

As I debriefed the battle, I remembered seeing those who survived the fight raising shields of faith. These were the same shields described by Paul in Ephesians 6 that capture and extinguish the incoming arrows of the enemy. These were not like a solid gladiator’s shield.  We could see through our shields.  When we raised them in battle they did not obscure the battlefield before us.  Whenever we lifted our shields of faith and looked through their transparency the entire image of the battle would change.  If our shields were not raised we could only see the approaching enemy with the eyes of fearful natural sight.  

In faith, we also saw angels in combat with us. These angels were swinging their swords and destroying the approaching enemy with each powerful swing of their powerful blades. Prayers we had prayed in years past arrived like time-traveling mortars exploding on the field of our present battle. 

The enemy became surprised and confused. They began to raise their heads trying to understand the supernatural intervention that was turning the battle in our favor.  As their heads were raised we were able to easily identify them as targets and dispatch their lies with well-aimed declarations of truth.

There is a battle being waged in the high places of the spirit realm over our families, our cities and every region in our nation. These life and death battles are being waged and won with the unnatural weapons of prayer and faith.  These supernatural weapons and tactics will transform how we see the battlefield and the enemy who stands before us.

If you have become overwhelmed at what is transpiring in the world around you it is because your shield of faith hangs limp at your side. Raise your shield and begin to see the battle from heaven’s perspective. Nothing coming against you will be able to gain control of your spiritual battlefield if you see the battle with the eyes of faith. You are always fighting from a place of victory. This reality is what empowers our faith and turns the tide of battle.

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