Sunday, October 18, 2015

A New Season Has Been Birthed

For the last week, Jan and I have been getting impressions in prayer of a new birth.  Jan saw a birth happen where the feet of a child came out first, instead of the head as is normal in a birthing process. When the child was birthed, she saw the child hit the ground and begin to run at the speed of the Spirit.  Later that same week, not knowing what Jan had seen, I smelled the fragrance of a newborn infant. I remember cuddling our two children soon after their birth and smelling the unique fragrance only a newborn gives.

This morning, as I prayed for the nation of Israel, I saw the image of a birth. I saw a mature adult fall through the membrane that surrounds the womb.  As this adult emerged they were birthed fully mature, landing on their feet. Immediately, I knew this was a composite image of the Church and the nation of Israel.  The image affirmed the promise of scripture that neither would not be aborted, as some would hope.  Both would appear on the world scene fully mature, able to walk in the strength and will of God.

In recent months there have been increasing levels of persecution against the Church and the nation of Israel. Both can seem small and vulnerable when standing in the midst of global unbelief.  This is the same faulty comparison Moses warned Israel about when he recounted their fearful testimony as they stood at the border of the Promise Land and said, “The people are taller and more powerful than we are”.  Moses was trying to help covenant people understand a profound truth - with God they are never small no matter what kind of giants they face.

God always does His most profound work with things that appear small in the eyes of the world.  Jesus was described as a lamb. Goliath was brought down with a stone from a shepherd’s sling. The Church was birthed in power in a small group of people who were locked away in an upper room in fear of the surrounding culture.

In the days ahead God will begin to reveal the birthing of something new and strong within the Church and the nation of Israel. Keep your eyes on God. Trust His Word. Live by faith, not by sight. In this new season, you will hit the ground strong, able to run the race set before you without fear of the gauntlet through which you must run in order to embrace your destiny.

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