Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Call To Arms

For the last few days, I have been hearing the words, “a call to arms". The Oxford Dictionary defines the phrase as a call "to defend against a takeover".  When I heard this call to arms, I saw a soldier in battle firing shots at an approaching enemy. The bullets fired were going right through the enemy without any visible effect.  In the heat of battle the soldier stopped shooting to examine his weapon to see what was wrong. He came to realize the bullets being fired were powerless because they were cast with human logic and fear. The enemy kept advancing and the firefight intensified. No weapon being used was able to repel the advancing attack.

One of the soldiers in the battle released his magazine and loaded another. This new magazine was filled with the love of God. He took aim at the approaching darkness and shot. Each round fired found a target and vaporized the enemy. The other soldiers noticed what was taking place and dropped their old magazines and loaded new ones filled with the same love.  They began to reengage the enemy dropping each one in their tracks as love found its mark.

Too many of God’s people are responding in fear to the rapid changes taking place on both the national and world stage.  Fear is not one of our weapons.  Any strategy or weapon of spiritual warfare sourced in fear will have no affect on the enemy of truth. The Word says only the perfect love of God has the power to cast out the fear we carry into battle. That same love is our weapon during any spiritual conflict.

When you respond to a call to arms make sure you draw your armament from the arsenal of weapons supplied by God, not from your emotions or from the consensus of a fearful and frustrated culture. Only God's perfect love has the power to bring down the invading horde of loveless lies that are advancing on you, your family and our nation.

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