Thursday, November 12, 2015

This Ending Is Your New Beginning

Some of you are at the end of a season of life. This ending can be the end of a relationship, a circle of fellowship or a ministry. It is like you have watched a motion picture through to the very end and now the credits have begun to roll. You know “The End” is coming.

As you sit through the credits you are trying to determine your next step. You are waiting for the inevitable “The End” to scroll up the screen. You know its over, but you want to be faithful to ride this thing all the way to the end.  You are steeling yourself against the final credits that will tell you and everyone else it is finally over.

An image began to unfold. I saw you alone in a movie theater. Everyone else had departed because they felt it was not worth their time to remain for the final credits. In their minds the end was a foregone conclusion.  As you sat there not knowing what to do the last credit came up as expected with the words, “The End”.  You began to rise from you seat, but something happened on the screen.   The word, “End” was crossed out and the word, “Beginning” was written in as a replacement. The final credit now reads “The Beginning”.

You have faithfully sat in a relationship or circumstance all the way to the end.  You have not abandoned what God asked you to do.  You have come to the end and now sit alone with your decision. In this moment of solitary closure, God wants to replace your disappointment and loneliness with an expectation that something new is about to be revealed.

It is time to get up from your seat and leave the theater of your past. This ending will become a doorway into something new. The Lord is the only one who has the authority to write the final credits to your life.


  1. I look forward to these posts everyday, but today, this one was especially moving. This is my life, right now, word for word - and I always stay for the credits. Thank you Garris for being faithful to write these.
    Jan in San Diego