Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hope - The Way Forward in 2016

In all of human history, the way forward has always been revealed by a word of hope. Responding in the opposite spirit will become one of our most important weapons in the spiritual war we are facing. Instead of a fear monger choose to become a hope monger. Even if you issue a Spirit-birthed warning it must be overshadowed with tones of hope if it is to be considered a credible word from the Lord.

For 2016 do not align your life or your resources with any hopeless message of despair. These negative mindsets are a solvent that will eventually dissolve your hope. No matter what you see taking place in the world never forget that goodness will always triumph over evil - every time. Choose to become a voice of hope in the coming year and watch how God will begin to use you to open doors that only the key of hope could unlock.

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