Thursday, January 7, 2016

Meeting Your Other Self

At some point in our lives we will cross the halfway mark of our personal longevity where we will come to realize our remaining days are less than those that came before. This is a line whose date and position is known only by God.  Somewhere in our approach to age 40, give or take a few years, a distant reality begins speaking to us.  We begin to think in longer terms about our plans, investments and relationships.  We think of how we want to finish this life. While processing our end is good and can help us make plans to finish well, it is limited in its scope.  Planning our life based on the timeline of a natural lifespan will not produce the best result for how we choose to live out our remaining days.

What we need to bring into this thought process is another reality. When the day does come and you experience the end of this life you will burst into eternity to see another person, the other you who is currently seated with Christ. You have been in that place since the first day you agreed to receive new life. This other self is at peace.  Without pain, sorrow and disease. No longer worried about controlling the outcomes of life. Free from dishonor and shame – a person who is forever alive in the fullest measure.

So, as you look at your halfway mark, either behind or ahead, there is something you can do with this unstoppable migration of time.  You can begin to invest in this life to become, as much as it is possible, the other you who now sits with Christ at the right hand of the Father. Bringing Heaven to earth is not just a ministry assignment. It needs to become a personal of assignment in your life planning that reminds the current you of the future person who awaits your arrival into the peace and joy of timeless eternity.  Allow eternity to begin defining your remaining days. This will be your personal application of the scripture that says, “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

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