Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's Time To Plan Your Escape

At some point you will need to plan your escape. This is an escape from the opinions of other people, the “you need to do this or that” kind of advice or the feeling that somehow you have missed the “it” of life.  This escape can be done in two ways. One way will lead to life and real freedom because its success rests solely on God’s love for you and not on your performance. The other plan leads to a deeper and more dangerous bondage that is created by a reactionary life empowered by the need to prove your worth to others. That plan of escape only promises to become a new prison in a new location.

To plan a healthy escape requires that you discover or in some cases, rediscover the fact that you are already free in Christ. You either never realized your freedom or somewhere along the way you abandoned its truth in a moment of personal despair. As a result, you gave your fear and unbelief and the opinions of other people permission to craft your reality. These influences became the wardens of your imprisoned life.

No matter what steel bars of doubt now surround your thinking, before God, you stand as a completely free person and the only person that can lengthen the sentence of wrong thinking is you.  It is time to walk out of prison. The cell door will open automatically as you step in faith onto its threshold under the weight of God’s love.  

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  1. Garris, your insight is so right on and amazing in its timing. There are no coincidences in listening to Christ. Thank you!