Monday, August 29, 2016

Discovering Freedom Once Again

I keep seeing the image of a person wrapped with a clear plastic that resembles spiritual Saran Wrap. The wrapping winds around them in a continuous strand all the way from their shoulders down to their ankles. At first I thought it was a funny prank, but then I looked at the person’s face and realized it wasn’t a prank. It was real. I could see the look of regret for having allowed things to get this far. The person could walk but only by taking little steps that moved them forward an inch at a time. They were afraid of tipping over so every step was measured. Their arms were pressed tight against their sides under the restraining presence of the wrapping. They were no longer free to embrace another person or the new season of freedom God was now offering.

The person reminded me of a modern day version of Lazarus, but without the tomb. Now that the wrappings had fully enclosed their life they realized what they had allowed to happen. Their life had become a prison where they were the only person incarcerated. In that moment of desperate realization they knew it was time to find freedom at any cost. For the first time in recent memory they had a glimmer of hope that they might be able to explore new relationships and new opportunities, but first they had to get free.

The person began to cry out to God for help. Each cry became a pair of spiritual scissors cutting away the layers of deception that held them captive. One by one the wrappings fell to the ground. Their arms became free first, then their legs. Each limb once free was tested to rediscover its full range of motion.

The person began to run around like a young colt discovering its legs for the first time right after birth. The look on the persons face changed from fear to joy. Anticipation and hope returned because now the only wrappings that held the person were the bonds of God’s love. With those wrappings in place they were finally free to move forward in life taking steps as large as their faith.

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