Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Disgusting Acts of Love

The Lord asked me to do something disgusting. For several months, I was continually nudged by the Spirit to physically kneel in a posture of worship in public places. To be honest, I tried my best to do these prophetic acts out of sight of any onlooker that might pass by. I felt strange and uncomfortable in my obedience.

During this time, I was shopping in a big-box store and used the restroom. While washing my hands, the Lord told me to enter one of the toilet stalls. He said, “Kneel here.” I felt like rebuking the words I was hearing hoping it was not the Lord, but I knew better than to question what I knew to be His voice. A public toilet stall is a filthy place for many reasons, not just for the normal bodily functions that take place within the enclosure, but also for the human perversion that occasionally visits these public places.

As I knelt on the floor, the Lord said, “Worship me and call for my presence to be released in this place.” I began to worship the Lord and asked for that public restroom to become a place of His presence. I was very uncomfortable. I was afraid someone would enter the restroom and see me on my knees and wonder what was going on. I was worried about soiling my clothing.  I had so many concerns, none of which concerned Heaven.

Months after that event, the Lord began to unpack for me the reason why He asked me to comply with such an unusual request.

Many times the Church rebukes the darkness and filth of a culture from a distance. We have learned how to stand outside the doorway to a dark place and speak against the sin within. We have learned how to do this in so many creative ways that our actions can look religious and appear righteous, but have no real impact. The Lord is giving His Church new assignments to enter the darkest and dirtiest places of culture to establish a positive spiritual stronghold of worship. These dark and filth-ridden places are where people the Lord dearly loves, frequent.  If we have been obedient, on their next visit they will walk into a place that has been prepared for their arrival because it has been bathed in worship.

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