Thursday, August 4, 2016

It Is Getting Brighter -Definition Is Coming

For the last two days, I have been on the road.  Each morning, I was up before dawn in a place where I was able to see the very first rays of a new day rising behind the mountains to the east. The mountains looked dark and undefined as the sunrise backlit their image. It was not possible to make out any terrain distinctions.  It looked as if the mountains were painted solid black as they stood before the first hints of light that revealed the pinkish-blue color of the sunrise.

During the last two mornings, I was in a place to see these beautiful pre-dawn images because I was doing something that positioned me to see what was unfolding. The first morning, I was making an early morning departure for a long drive to a scheduled meeting. The next morning, I was taking a pre-dawn walk before making my return drive home. Each morning, I was doing what I was supposed to do in the remaining minutes of darkness before the new day came.

If you look at what is happening around you in the culture and in the larger global community, it can seem like some really important things lack definition - like the dark and undefined mountains I saw in the pre-dawn hours. You know they are there, but your can't make out the distinctive nature of their terrain . Many things are still unclear, but don’t let that cause you concern. God realizes we do not yet see the full picture of what is taking place. He will be faithful to provide a full definition when the time is right.

We are in a moment of history that resembles what I experienced the last two mornings. God is at work in the darkness and He has prepared something that is about to dawn upon our lives. It is coming and with it will be clarity and understanding. Until it arrives, remain faithful to the last word the Lord gave you. This will position you to see what is coming. When it comes it will bring a clarity similar to what I am now seeing as the fully developed light of day has now struck the mountains outside my hotel room. The mountains look totally different now than they did just an hour ago when I took my morning walk in the pre-dawn hours of darkness.

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