Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Your Furnace of Conflict Will Become Your Place of Promotion

A promotion is coming, but first you will be thrown into a fire of judgment created by those who stand in opposition to what you believe. Like Daniel and his companions when they refused to bow down and worship the gold statue Nebuchadnezzar had erected on the plain of Dura in Babylon, you will be confronted with a challenging decision that in the natural will appear to spell your doom, but God has another plan.

The fires intended to consume you will actually burn away the restrictions placed upon your life allowing you to walk freely in a place planned to bring your destruction. This experience will become a turnaround event for you and even for the ones who threw you into the furnace of conflict. You will walk out of the furnace into a place of promotion. Those who condemned you will see the supernatural hand of God working on your behalf and they will come to worship Him with the same commitment that caused you to fear only God, not the flames of human judgment.

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