Thursday, August 11, 2016

Your Spiritual D-Day Invasion

In prayer, I saw an image that resembled the D-Day invasion of World War II. Airplanes were flying toward the shore. Landing craft were about to hit the beach to unload nervous soldiers. The sea was filled with all kinds of watercraft fully loaded and prepared for the coming conflict. I saw the large door at the front of a landing craft fall open to spill out a group of soldiers. When the large steel door hit the water and the troops jumped out they ran onto a deserted beach. There were no enemy troops present. No booby traps. No evidence the enemy had ever been there.

Immediately the beach was filled with other landing craft unloading their soldiers, each one surprised at the empty beach. If the other landing craft were still not approaching the beach and if the aircraft were not flying overhead, the beach scene would resemble a peaceful place where you would bring your family for vacation. Soldiers looked at each other asking, “What’s going on?” Soldiers stood on the beach expecting to engage the enemy, but there was nothing. Not one shot was fired. Not a single soldier was lost.

Some of you are approaching a spiritual D-Day. In preparation for the coming conflict you prayed and examined the depths of your heart for any hidden issue that might give the enemy a target. You are about to engage the conflict knowing there is nothing more you can do in preparation.

As your landing craft chugged toward shore, something happened while you were still in transit to the conflict. God went before you and dealt with the enemy. He showed up before your arrival and cleared the beach of conflict. You will arrive at a place of peace, not war.  This battle was won the moment you uttered your first prayer and opened your heart to God.

I have been with you wherever you have gone and have cut off all your enemies from before you.” 2 Samuel 7:9 

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