Friday, September 9, 2016

Missed Opportunities in Love and Life

There are times when what appears to be a chance meeting is actually an appointment with destiny. Forty-six years ago as a twenty year-old college student, I walked across a college campus and saw my wife, Jan, for the first time. In that moment a divine connection took place that was the beginning of a relationship that has increased in passion and intensity over the years. For some wonderfully crazy reason, I was able to see Jan and she could see me, not just with natural sight, but at a deeper level neither of us could fully understand at the moment.

Some of you feel like you have missed the most important life-connections. You have carried a sorrow over these misses. As the sorrow deepened you forgot that relationships, career opportunities and appointments with destiny are not limited to a one-time encounter when God is involved. The problem with unresolved sorrow is its blinding effect. Sorrow can cause us to keep our heads down and walk right by a person or opportunity and miss a vital connection.

There are some who are reading these words who carry a sorrow that lies to you telling you that you walked by the one you should have noticed and an opportunity for love is gone. Or, you missed your best job opportunity and your future chance for meaningful employment is lost. Or, you sinned to such a degree you completely fouled up God’s plan for the rest of your life. You have carried a sorrow over these missed opportunities and now feel you have missed your best chance, forever. Do you really believe God is only able to produce one opportunity?

Here is your assignment. Confess your sin of disbelief in God’s ability to help you make a connection. Today, walk out the door of your home and expect to be noticed. Don’t do this in some shallow way where the connection depends on your ability to troll your wares before hungry people or circumstances to somehow gain their attention. Do it with an innocent trust in God’s ability to accomplish what you had considered impossible. Do it with the knowledge that because God created you in His image that you carry a unique expression of beauty the right person or right opportunity is about to notice.  Start smiling and living in hope again. I am excited in advance for what is about to transpire in your life!

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