Saturday, September 3, 2016

Doors are Opening - Be Careful!

Doors are opening, but not all of these doorways should be entered. Some of what is opening before you will fall under the definition of temptation, not revelation. Walk in wisdom. This is a critical moment in time.

The sound of these opening doors will begin to fill your ears wanting to draw your attention toward their offering. Stand on these thresholds of perceived opportunity and examine what is motivating their invitation.

Don’t listen to the chorus of voices behind you pushing you with suggestions sourced only in natural wisdom. The practical is the enemy of the profound. These impatient voices are attempts to get you to move forward without inquiring of the Lord. The result of this choice will produce an unwise and sorrowful decision.

God doesn’t push, He invites. Wait for His voice to extend your invitation. When the time is right you will know which door to walk through. God will speak in an unhurried peaceful tone that will sound distinctly different from the sound of your own fears and the sounds of false encouragement provided by other people. Doors are beginning to open – be careful!

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